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Leveraging Simple AD for Clearlogin and More

We recommend Simple AD when our customers want to be able to leverage the additional LDAP compatibility and features that Clearlogin Directory may not provide.

Simple AD provides you with all the features of Active Directory (password policies, user management, group policies, and more) without the headache of handling backups, maintaining security patches, or worrying about downtime. It is traditionally used for internal AWS applications but we can show you how to provide access to your Simple AD server in a secure fashion without the hassle of setting up a VPN. Not only will this benefit you in that you now have a cost effective way to use Active Directory with Clearlogin, but any other application you may want to use as well.


There are two major caveats when using Simple AD however. One is that despite the name, getting the server configured and managed is not as simple as you might want it to be. The other caveat is that Simple AD only supports internal, unencrypted traffic over port 389. This is a specific limitation of Amazon’s offering. This guide will show you how to implement a secure infrastructure using an Elastic Load Balancer to allow for external, firewalled, Simple TLS connections.

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