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Clearlogin’s New “Access Rules” Make Security Even Easier

Today we launched our complete overhaul of how IT administrators manage how and when their users can access Clearlogin! This new feature is called “Access Rules,” and it’s a merger of the old “Security Filters” and “Access Policies” features, both of which have both been removed.

Don’t worry though, all of your current Access Policies and Security Filters have been migrated to this new standard, so there’s no need for any administrator intervention!

Gone are the days of having all of the configuration options of Security Filters and Access Policies spread between two screens! Now in only two clicks you can access important options such as:




Simply select “Security” and then click on “Access Rules” on your navigation bar to get started:


You can find documentation about these changes in the Access Rules article (you must be logged into Clearlogin to view) in the Clearlogin Help Center.

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