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March Feature Release – Big Changes on Clearlogin!

March 24th, 2015 by Kelly Glynn

We’re pleased to announce our March feature release, which includes some of the biggest and most exciting changes we’ve ever made! The following changes are in effect:


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  • Multi-factor authentication, the best defense against unauthorized access
  • Integration with LDAP (including Active Directory)
  • Full visibility over user access, including reports on logins and password changes
  • A seamless integration with a custom branded login page



Clearlogin’s sleek, intuitive new interface lets administrators control all aspects of user access.

Admins can gather and visualize real-time data around login activity, password changes and application usage all in one place – making it easy to spot trends and detect any suspicious activity.

We’ve added new tutorial cards, help text, and in-app guidance to make Clearlogin even easier to use. Plus the fully responsive layout is compatible with smartphones & tablets so admins can monitor access while on the go.


Office 365 and Moodle have been added as native app connections. Zapier and Webhooks have been added as event integration options.