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Clearlogin Allows Google Apps Customers To Create IT Dashboard With Federated Identity

July 10th, 2015 by Kelly Glynn

IT admins with any edition of Google for Work or Education can easily build their own IT Dashboard and federate identity to any other applications they use.

New York, NY – Clearlogin, a cloud software company making access to the cloud easy for IT admins, end-users, and developers, has announced its support for Google Apps for Work and Education as an Identity Provider. This makes it easy for IT admins with any edition of Google Apps for Work to build their own IT Dashboard and federate identity to any apps with SAML, JWT, or other popular single sign on (SSO) protocols.

By adding Google as an Identity Provider, customers can leverage Clearlogin’s Dashboard as a Service offering to access thousands of applications with their Google for Work or Education account. Traditionally, customers have kept their user base in Active Directory or other LDAP based directories. With Clearlogin, customers can use their Google account as the source of truth for their user base while connecting other applications based on standards like SAML, JWT, OpenID, oAuth and more.

“With cloud migration growth, companies and educational institutions have been moving away from on-premise directory services like Active Directory and LDAP in favor of Google Apps. With the ability to use Google as an IdP, the Google ecosystem can now gain access to existing infrastructure, newly available cloud platforms and cloud or SaaS applications.” says Chad Hensler, COO for Clearlogin.

Specific security policies like multi-factor authentication, IP whitelist / blacklists, and risk-based authentication can be applied to all cloud applications by connecting their Google account through Clearlogin. Users can gain access to all of their applications without further authentication.

“By having Clearlogin’s offering in our portfolio, our customers can bridge authentication into thousands of cloud and SaaS applications using their Google Apps for Work and Education accounts”, say Dan McNelis CEO of Dito, a Google Apps Premier Partner. “With this new feature, customers can brand a dashboard of all their applications with the authentication source being Google. Until now our customers had to hook in Active Directory or LDAP to federate identity.”

“With Clearlogin’s new feature we can now use our Google Apps accounts to federate identity to the multiple AWS accounts we manage for our customers,” says Jack Ryan, President of AximCloud. “This simplifies access to the cloud services and applications we use every day.”

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