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Clearlogin Simplifies Multi-Account Management and Cloud App Access for Amazon Web Services Users

June 8th, 2015 by Kelly Glynn

Clearlogin’s Support for Amazon Web Services Makes Multi-Account Access to AWS Easy for IT Admins and Employees.

New York, NY — Clearlogin, a cloud software company making secure access to the cloud easy for IT administrators, end-users, and developers, has announced a new feature that allows Amazon Web Services users to easily manage multiple AWS accounts and extend AWS Directory Services identity to thousands of cloud and on-premise applications.

Enterprises commonly have many AWS accounts in their organization. IT administrators can now easily empower their users to access all of their AWS accounts from a unified dashboard, along with thousands of other cloud applications like Google Apps, Office 365, and Slack. The dashboard, which can be customized for seamless integration with an organization’s brand identity, requires only one set of login credentials. Clearlogin takes care of the entire identity transaction, including integration with AWS Directory Service, Active Directory, LDAP, and more.

“We are excited to support the Amazon Web Services ecosystem. AWS is the leader in enterprise cloud computing,” says Chad Hensler, Chief Operating Officer for Clearlogin. “Clearlogin’s zero-friction user experience eliminates the complexity of onboarding and offboarding, remembering AWS-specific login URLs, and managing complicated credentials and accounts.”

New customers can onboard in as little as five minutes, and customers only pay for the identity services they use. All of Clearlogin’s features, including no-pain password resets and multi-factor authentication, are available to Amazon Web Services customers.

Learn more at Available from Clearlogin or premium cloud brokers and value added resellers.

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Clearlogin makes secure access to the cloud easy for users, IT administrators, and developers. With Clearlogin’s feature-rich identity and access management platform, you can decrease the cost and complexity of identity management, while taking login pain away from everyone in your organization. Clearlogin is a certified Amazon Web Services Technology Partner.

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