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Clearlogin February Feature Release

February 18th, 2015 by Kelly Glynn


At Clearlogin, we are constantly working to enhance our platform. This month we have made some exciting updates to our Cloud Application Dashboard and admin interface.

New Feature Highlights:

  • Users can download SAML metadata for generic and native SAML App Connections. This will help when configuring Service Providers that accept SAML metadata documents for configuration.
  • Clearlogin Admin now supports JWT Single Sign-on. Add the Clearlogin Admin App Connection to easily sign onto the Clearlogin Admin.
  • Clearlogin has two new App Connections: Clearlogin Admin has been added as a native JWT App Connection and Amazon Web Services has been added as a native SAML App Connection.
  • A new macro {{cl.tenant_domain}} has been added for app connection key-value pairs. This will evaluate to your domain.
  • An ‘admin only’ option has been added to App Connections. Apps with ‘admin only’ enabled will only be shown to admins.
  • The Cloud Application Dashboard has been improved to show apps in sections. Google Apps has been broken out into its own section with Mail, Calendar, Groups, and Drive.