Cloud Application Dashboard

The Cloud Application Dashboard is the single gateway to your cloud-based tools and resources. Securely log in once to access the apps you leverage every day, enable multi-factor authentication, manage groups, and monitor user access.

Password Management

Implement strong password policies that also streamline access for your users. Clearlogin offers zero-knowledge password management that increases security while minimizing login issues.

Detailed Reporting

Gain insight into all aspects of user access, including unsuccessful login attempts, password changes, geography, and browser data.

Custom Branding

Add your company logo and custom styles to the Sign In, Sign Out, and Change Password pages for a more seamless integration for your end users.

Multi-Domain Support

If your organization uses multiple Active Directory environments or authentication methods, Clearlogin lets you configure separate settings and authenticate users based on their domain.

Clearlogin Anywhere

Clearlogin Anywhere is an easy-to-use JavaScript embed code for any website. It delivers powerful identity management to the enterprise - with minimal to no custom coding.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Requiring strong passwords isn’t always enough to keep your sensitive data secure. Configure multi-factor authentication for an additional layer of security that will plug up any leaks in your perimeter and halt spoofing attacks.

Risk-Based Authentication

Adapt authentication levels based on risk to mitigate potential intrusions before they happen. Clearlogin's enhanced security features allow you to set permissions at a granular level to protect your users and data.