Password Management

Implement strong password policies that also streamline access for your users. Clearlogin offers zero-knowledge password management that increases security while minimizing login issues.

Synchronize Passwords In All Applications

Simplify the authentication process for users regardless of device with password sync. Once your LDAP server verifies a user’s identity, their password is securely synced automatically with your other cloud applications.

Convenient, Secure Password Reset

Mitigate login issues by allowing users to reset their forgotten passwords. To enroll, users will enter a security question/answer and provide a verified phone number. Should they forget their password, Clearlogin will send a one-time-use, expirable token via text message, which they will enter along with the answer to their security question.


The Clearlogin Password Manager Project 2.0

The Clearlogin Password Manager 2.0 extension is not just an improved version of the password manager, it’s also a great new way to experience Clearlogin!

Harness the power of the CLEARLOGIN PASSWORD MANAGER with brand new features such as:

  • Vastly improved compatibility and reliability!
  • Faster, and more streamlined access!
  • Multi-tenant support!

Also the all new mini user dashboard window!

All of your applications can now be launched from this one view, accessed by clicking on the Clearlogin logo in Chrome!

Search Bar

The brand new search bar makes it easier than ever to find the app you’re looking for quickly. The more characters that you type, the further it narrows down the list of apps in real-time!

This feature is also coming soon to the main Clearlogin dashboard!

Switch Between Grid and List Views

Another new feature of the mini-dashboard is the ability to switch between the traditional grid view, and the new list view! You can switch views by clicking on the “hamburger” on the top right-hand corner of the mini-dashboard window.